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PENNSYLVANIA GREEN PARTY 2018 candidate for governor

  AdjunctProfessor, Ecological Economics

paul glover dream job resourcesHUFFINGTONPOST 2016-. essayist

DREAM JOB RESOURCES 2015-. Making dream jobs real.

PENNSYLVANIA GREEN PARTY 2014 candidate for governor

 PATCH ADAMS FREE CLINIC, Philadelphia, PA. 2011-. Founder,free clinic (seeking land): "Located in a low-income Philadelphianeighborhood, this clinic will provide community-based health care thatis genuinely non-profit, preventive, humane and fun. It will be arefuge for doctors and nurses who want time to heal patients. It willbe a refuge for patients who want to be treated with dignity. VIDEO
---NESTS (Neighborhood EnterpriseSchoolTeachers), Philadelphia, PA. 2009. Founder, school program(within Patch Adams Clinic) transferring authority and respect toneighbors, while making learning relevant.

League of Uninsured Voters
LEAGUEOF UNINSURED VOTERS (LUV)Founder, 2011. Organization rallying America's uninsured andunder-insured to take action to force essential change. "We don't send our signatures toCongress; we send our medical bills."

uncle ben and green jobsGREEN JOBS PHILLY Philadelphia, PA. 2008- Founder,network making it easy for Philadelphians to offer and request greenjobs, green services, green grants, and green loans. "Local Hero" Metro News 12/23/10
   Editor, Green Jobs Philly NEWS. "A reliable treasure troveof info on what's going on right now in Philadelphia with anythingrelated to the sustainable economy." --Philadelphia Daily News 1/13/09.        Author,GreenJobs Philly: 100,000 New Jobs that Rebuild Philadelphia'sNeighborhoods and Clean the Environment. Author, "Prepare forthe Best" City Paper 1/28/09 (en español: Prepárate para el Mejor) Awarded grant by NewVoices Foundation

MAKING HUNGER VISIBLE, Philadelphia, PA.2010. Founder of campaign to confront the well-fed with starving peopleoutside restaurants and grocery stores.WeAreHungry

, adjunct faculty, Geography & UrbanStudies 2007-2010 

MetropolitanEcology: Rebuilding American Cities "This course examinesurban systems-- the human and natural infrastructures that keepbillions alive. We'll explore the bold, practical programs that willmake cities prosper during global warming, peak oil, population growthand water shortage. Particular emphasis on Philadelphia and LosAngeles." Student Evaluations
    GreenJobs "America's next economy will thrive by repairingdamage from the rise and fall of heavy industry. New technologies andsocial organizations will make our lives healthier, easier and moresecure. Learn how you can connect to ecological progress. You can also explore other trading options to boost the economy such as bitcoin system trading platform which helps the trading take place continuously without having to invest lot of time and effort."

PHILADELPHIAORCHARD PROJECT(POP) Philadelphia, PA. 2007- Founder of permaculture group plantingvacant lots, parks, yards.
   NewYork Times:
"Replacing Neglect With Peach Trees"

planner manAuthor of HealthDemocracy: Liberating Americans from MedicalInsurance. 2006.

GREENPLANNERS,Philadelphia, PA. 2005- Consultant for community economic development.Speeches and workshops.

PHILAHEALTHIA,Philadelphia, PA. 2005-
Founder of nonprofit, member-owned health financing system. Author, A Crime Not A Crisis: Why Health Insurance Costs So Much

Presidentialnominee 2004: asked by Green Party US to consider running for U.S.President or Vice President. Received delegate votes at nationalconvention.

Mayoralcandidate, City of Ithaca, NY. 2003.
named "Best Mayoral Candidate" by Ithaca Times Readers Poll 2003

ithaca community news ITHACACOMMUNITY NEWS Ithaca, NY. 2000-2006. Founder,editor: named "Ithaca's Best Website" by Ithaca TimesReaders' Poll 2002.

Cornell Civic Leaders Fellowship Ithaca,NY. 2001/2002.
Visiting scholar at Cornell University, Urban & Regional Planning

ITHACA HEALTHALLIANCE Ithaca, NY. 1997-. Founder of nonprofit,member-owned health financing system. Members paid $100/YEAR foremergency medical coverage; own their own freeclinic.

ithaca hours local currencyIthaca HOURSIthaca, NY. 1991-.
Creator of the Ithaca HOUR, first U.S. bioregional currency, accepted bythousands of residents (including 500 businesses). Publisher of HOURTown 1991-1999. Author of HometownMoney: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency.Quoted by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS This Morning,National Public Radio, Mother Earth News, The Economist and most major media. Half hour PBS-TV show about the program. Named "Best BusinessAdvocate" by Ithaca Times Readers' Poll 1998. Tompkins CountyHuman Rights Award 1996, Semifinalist for 1996 Ford Foundation Innovations Award. Named "Local Hero" by Ithaca TimesReaders' Poll 1995 & 2000, and by Los Angeles Weekly1/25/90.

Fund for InvestigativeJournalism grant, Washington, DC. 1989.
Researcher: Ecological Economics

CornellUniversity, Science Awareness Week, 1989. (one of fourspeakers in series with astronomer Carl Sagan, Nobel Prize winner HansBethe & Congressmember Matt McHugh)

ithaca power Researcher, author, illustrator andpublisher of
IthacaPower, a community energy portrait.

AMERICANOUTREACH Ithaca, NY. 1987-1988.
Researcher, copywriter and designer for ad agency specializing inmessages about world hunger and world peace.

Lecturer in Government Department for short course: 
"Making Green Plans."

IthacaAlternatives Fund Ithaca, NY. 1986-1988.
Community organizer on behalf of ecological urban design.

BIOGRAPHY:Life story featured in book Midterm Report, published 1986 by 
Viking Press, written by David Wallechinsky. Quoted in Parademagazine 8/10/1986.

PIPTANInternational Project for Nicaraguan Appropriate Technology, 
Managua, Nicaragua 1986. Research, publicity and funding for alternateenergy sources in Nicaragua. Urban design for Managua planners.

Guide to local history, culture, architecture, plants.

VENICE-OCEAN PARK FOOD CO-OP,Venice, CA. 1984-85. Weekend manager.

citizen planners logoCITIZEN PLANNERSof LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles, CA.1983-1985. Founder of organization devoted todemocratization of urban design. Author of book and slide show LosAngeles: A History of the Future. Los Angeles Times wrotehalf-page article about this work, 11/25/83.

TAMARAPRESS Los Angeles, CA. 1981. Author,
Amazing Los Angeles: La Increíble Historia de Los Angeles

BO-TREEPRODUCTIONS San Francisco, CA. 1979-80.
    Author, Amazing San Francisco

usa hike 1978Transcontinental Hike 6/9/78- 12/24/78.
Walked across the United States, entirely on foot, from Boston to SanDiego. Through forests, fields, over mountains and desert. Saw theeffects of land use and population shift on natural resources.Investigated industry and agriculture.

CITIZEN PLANNERS May, 1978.Founder of national movement for grassroots ecological urban design.

Efforts to establish urban agriculture

CAMBRIDGEARTS COUNCIL Cambridge, MA. 1978. Sidewalk artist

NationalSolar Tour 1978. Visited solar energy innovators with 
National Center for Appropriate Technology grantee.

NEWYORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS grant 1977. Sidewalk artist

amazing ithaca history calendarResponsiblefor concept, writing, design and/or publication of a seriesof locally-oriented publications, including The Amazing Ithaca History Calendar 1976, Ithaca100 Years Ago. Collaborated with artists and writers for AnIthaca Schools Book: Toward Real Learning, Woman's Roots: The History of Women inTompkins County, Glorious Ithaca.

TREETOP:a journal of liberation and education 1972-1973. Founder and editor of newspaper promoting community-basededucation.

UNDERCURRENTSLafayette, LA. 1971. Co-founder and co-editor of community newspaperpromoting racial and social justice.

SOUTHERNCONSUMERS' CO-OPERATIVE Lafayette, LA. 1970-1971. Publicrelations for low-income co-operative.

Emergency resuscitation squad and inhalation therapist.

COGANADVERTISING: 1966-1967. Copywriter

ithaca peoples yellow pages 1974COMMUNITYORGANIZING:  full-time antiwar organizer (1971-1972),environmentalist candidate for city council (1973), co-author IthacaPeople's Yellow Pages (1974), no 96startedsuccessful opposition toconstruction of a four-lane highway (1976-1989),organized San Francisco Wastewater Forum (1980), organized public opposition to suburban sprawl (1986-1988),member of core groups which successfully stopped Wal-Mart's entry to Ithaca (1992-1995) andstopped permit process for construction of a 177-foot incinerator (1996).

Occasionalsources of income have included: masseur,dishwasher, teacher, cartoonist, farmworker, freelance writer, cashier,chessplayer, sexton, factory worker, graphic artist, library worker,gardener, yardworker, lumberyarder.

Summit University Santa Monica, CA. 1982. B.A. CityManagement,
     specialization Metropolitan Appropriate Technologyand Long-range Planning.
Harpur College (SUNY Binghamton) 1967-1968. Major inphilosophy
Mohawk Valley Technical Institute 1965-1967. A.A.S.Advertising and Marketing.
       Editor of college paper.
Ithaca High School 1963-1965. voted "Most Artistic"


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* CreateGreen Jobs
* Print Local Currency
* Expand Public Services
without Raising Taxes
* Co-op Health Insurance
* Prepare Your Community
for High Fuel Costs
*  GetWhat You Need
without Dollars
* Create Community Food
and Fuel Inventories
* Start an online
Community Newsletter
* EcologicalCities:
Building the Future Today
* EcologicalEconomics
* Green Curriculum Design
* MediaCoverage for Change

ESSAYS 1971-present

"No one in the worldhas done a better job in defining local solutions-- that are simple,empowering, and fun-- for seemingly intractable global problems thanPaul Glover. He  offers powerful, proven, and
participatory tools..."
 --Michael Shuman

"PaulGlover is one of the true pioneers of local development and true wealthand sustainable communities." --Hazel Henderson

"Gloveroffers competent design for
our post-automotive society."

 --John Diamante, Threshhold Center

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