Hotel Meth Lab

bang the beat – The debut single from Hotel Meth Lab, a lo fi & distorted, bedroom studio styled, banging beat producer.

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Chris Gunn

“I have listened to many ambient/drone works. Chris Gunn has some of the most genre defining and solid ambient productions that I have listened to. I can listen to New Horizons in any mood and find a straight line that connects me to the story created within this work. Volume is the only control you have with any genre of music and not all productions work well I either loud and low listening. Chris Gunn successfully created a bifocal ambient experience which can be discovered either at barely audible volume or at loud enough to rumble the house volume. Very special work done on New Horizons. Next step, a cassette rerelease of New Horizons and the rest of your catalog.” – Seraph Trend

“One of my favorite finds of recent memory. deep introspective primordial space-drone textures which create excitement for what the artist records next.” – Duff Egan

“easy senpai, this guys stuff is mindblowing. galactic-core.” – Anonymous

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