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general auto repair

Have you been involved in an accident? Are you looking to repair your damaged vehicle?

Highly trained technicians and collision experts at Santa Cruz Auto Body are very well experienced when it comes to quality auto body repair, refinishing and expert frame repair.

Collision Experts

Since 1971, Santa Cruz Auto Body attests to its attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction. Our goal is to see to it that every car which leaves the shop is in its pre-loss condition. Whether it is frame straightening, computerized wheel alignment or premium painting, our full service collision shop never cuts corners.

Quality Auto Repair and Refinishing
Body repair is only part of the problem vehicles experience after an accident. At Santa Cruz Auto Body, our highly trained technicians are well versed in crash theory and know where to look for hidden damage. If the hidden damage wasn't on the original estimate, Santa Cruz Auto Body will re-contact the insurance company for you to get further repair authorization.

Insurance Estimates
Santa Cruz Auto Body provides you with a cost estimate for the repairs and acts as your advocate with the insurance company. This is to assure you get all the benefits your insurance plan provides. As a referral shop for most major insurance companies, Santa Cruz Auto Body's rapport with the company helps smooth what might otherwise be a stressful situation.

Expert Frame Repair
When your vehicle is involved in an accident, the frame or unibody of your car may become damaged. To properly repair a car, truck or SUV to its original factory specifications, Santa Cruz Auto Body uses the latest straightening technology to ensure that your vehicle will drive exactly the way it was originally built to drive. When your vehicle leaves our facility, drivability and proper handling is of paramount concern. Suspension and structural damage requires a check of the wheel alignment. Finally, our state of the art painting equipment and technician knowledge combine to give you an excellent match to your original color.

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Santa Cruz Auto Body

324 River St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
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